Eco-friendly Washable Menstrual Cloths!

Do you cater to cloth-diapering, eco-moms? Then this product will fit right in, as it extends the eco-friendly approach right through to post-partum and beyond. Lunapads are washable menstrual pads with soft cotton fabric that come in a variety of fashionable prints.

Now more than ever, moms are looking to save money by avoiding costly disposables. These pads are super comfortable, will save moms a fortune, and create a fraction of the waste. kit

Le Duck want to partner with you to bring this exciting product to a new generation of moms.

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Ditch the Disposables with Lunapads from Le Duck!



"I have greatly reduced my environmental impact and don't have to shell out $10 every month to some mega corporation. Lunapads help me feel like a feminist-eco warrior and I freaking love them!"

"Yeah for Lunapads! I love what you stand for, what you bring to women all over the world, and what your work does for the environment!"


Postpartum/Heavy Flow - give new moms as much TLC as possible, with this super aborbent comfortable cotton pads.


Save the Planet .. and Save Money!

Your customers save money by choosing a greener and healthier option!

Apeal to a new generation of moms with natural, heathly sustainable alternatives for postpartum and beyond.


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